Nonprofit Partner Program

Mission of WabiSabi Nonprofit Partners program:

The mission of the WabiSabi Nonprofit Partner Program is to provide unrestricted funds and exposure to Moab area nonprofits so they may better serve the diverse Moab community and meet unmet need.

The Partnership

To achieve WabiSabi’s vision of a Moab without need, WabiSabi is dedicated to cultivating fertile ground for nonprofits to be successful and achieve their missions within the community.  Our strategy is to nurture and mentor up-coming nonprofits, develop relationships with and amongst diverse nonprofits, stabilize growing nonprofits, and eventually graduate healthy nonprofits to become WabiSabi Nonprofit Alumni.  WabiSabi provides unrestricted funding to these select Nonprofit Partners based upon our net proceeds and divided between them based upon numbers of votes at our two thrift stores.  In return, WabiSabi asks Nonprofit Partners to promote WabiSabi every which way they can: through website links, logo on promotional materials, mention in press releases, activity on Facebook, displaying WabiSabi Logo at places of work, and more.  The more WabiSabi is promoted, the more proceeds and votes come into WabiSabi and the more funding there is for Nonprofit Partners!

A WabiSabi Nonprofit Partnership may be as long as ten years, or it may be as few as one, depending on the overall health of the organization; community impact; the need for support by the organization, financial or otherwise; the positive impacts of partnership for both the sponsored organization and WabiSabi; and the ability of the organization to support WabiSabi’s vision: a Moab without need.

Our Current Nonprofit Partners and Alumni: