Lena Powell

Operations Manager

 Lena is originally from Flordia, she moved to Moab in 2018 for rock climbing. She began working at WabiSabi as our General Manager and in 2019 stepped into the role of our Operations Manager! Her initial attraction to Wabi was that it gives back to Moab nonprofits and that it helps eliminate waste from going into the landfill. After becoming involved, she learned so much more about what Wabi does for the Moab community. She loves the purpose of being able to provide to people in need through WabiSabi's community donations and voucher programs. She also appreciates that Wabi acts as a mentor for other nonprofits in Moab. Every staff member stops everything they are doing when someone asks a question and they give their undivided attention to provide support/answer. If WabiSabi can't help fill the customer's need directly, we point them in the right direction (to a nonprofit that may be able to help). When she goes home, she knows that all of her hard work went to the greater good of our community, and that warms her heart!

When she's not at Wabi, Lena loves mountain biking, doing yoga, and enjoying wildflowers.

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