Nonprofit Partner Program

Each time you make a purchase at WabiSabi, you receive a token to donate to one of our 10 local Nonprofit Partner organizations.

Purchases under $5 will be awarded a 10¢ token, and purchases over $5 will get a token worth $1. Customers can also round up their purchases or even purchase $1 tokens to donate to the organization of their choice! Each of our Nonprofit Partners has a jar at the WabiSabi checkout where tokens can be deposited. Every month, each of our NPP”s receive an award check for the exact number of tokens deposited in their jars over the previous month!

WabiSabi currently sponsors 10 amazing Nonprofit Partners that make a huge difference in the Moab community. Organizations can apply each year for partnership and will receive funding for one calendar year. 


WabiSabi’s 2021 Nonprofit Partners!

These organizations attempt to represent a diverse cross-section of the Moab nonprofit community, Our partner program is an entirely grassroots collaboration, designed to empower individuals to actively support their community by connecting with local nonprofits. Every one of these awesome local organizations has a jar at the WabiSabi checkout that customers can drop tokens into with every purchase they make at the store! Each month, we cut a check to these organizations for the exact number of tokens in their jar from the previous month!! These funds go to support these organizations in whatever way they deem most helpful.

In order to expand our programming and to make utilizing the WabiSabi thrift store as a fundraiser a possibility for ALL Moab nonprofits, partnerships are now annual applications! Keep a look out for our 2021 NPP applications opening in August! 

  • Arches Education

    Arches Education

    Adult Education

    "We assist adults in becoming literate and obtaining the knowledge that they need in order to become self-sufficient while completing their secondary education. Adult Education empowers individuals to become self-sufficient, with skills necessary for future employment and personal successes.

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  • BEACON Afterschool

    BEACON Afterschool

    After School Enrichment

    “BEACON aims to empower students to discover their innate ability to succeed through quality afterschool programming.”

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  • Community Rebuilds

    Community Rebuilds

    Affordable Housing

    “The mission of Community Rebuilds is to build energy-efficient housing, provide education on sustainability, and improve the housing conditions of the workforce through an affordable straw bale home-based construction program. ”

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  • Grand Area Mentoring

    Grand Area Mentoring

    Youth Mentoring

    "Grand Area Mentoring's mission is to help students discover their potential, participate successfully in the academic and public world and to become lifelong learners by connecting and cultivating healthy relationships between responsible adults and children of Grand County."

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  • KZMU Community Radio

    KZMU Community Radio

    Moab's Community Radio Station 

    “KZMU's mission is to inform, educate, engage, entertain, and delight by way of a public community radio station that provides dependable, accurate, in-depth journalism, storytelling, and creative programming.”

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  • Moab Healthcare Foundation

    Moab Healthcare Foundation

    Cancer Treatment & Prevention

    “Moab Healthcare Foundation supports Moab's healthcare services and makes them more accessible to the entire community." They support: Moab Regional Hospital, Canyonlands Care Center, Grand County Hospice, Moab Free Health Clinic, Grand County Emergency Medical Services and Grand County Search and Rescue.

  • Moab Valley Multicultural Center

    Moab Valley Multicultural Center

    Crisis Intervention & Cultural Education 

    “The MVMC aims to build bridges across language and culture through family support, community collaboration, and education.”

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  • Our Village Community Center

    Our Village Community Center

    Crisis Intervention & Cultural Education


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  • Underdog Animal Rescue & Rehab

    Underdog Animal Rescue & Rehab

    Animal Protection & Welfare

    “Underdog’s mission is to help the reported 250,000 stray companion animals on the Native American Reservations of the Southwest United States. Through transport, vet care, and adoption services, we help to combat the overpopulation of stray and at large dogs of the Four Corners. Come visit our ranch in Spanish Valley and volunteer by hanging out with some adorable doggos or even adopt your new BFF!”

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  • Youth Garden Project

    Youth Garden Project

    Food, Agriculture, & Education

    “YGP's mission is to cultivate healthy children, families, and community through the profound act of connecting people with food from seed to table by providing engaging, hands-on youth and community programming in our educational, production-based garden and orchard.”

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