A Thrift Store + MUCH MORE!

WabiSabi is a nonprofit organization that manages a thrift store in the Moab community. Since 2002 our thrift store has been able to provide money and materials to support a huge range of our local nonprofits and individuals in our community.

LEARN MORE about our Nonprofit Partner Programs and how your purchases or donations give back! 


What’s at WabiSabi?

You can find a range of items from trendy clothing, toys, games, books, furniture, building supplies, camping gear, funky art pieces and +MUCH MORE!

Immediate Relief Vouchers

A large part of our mission is to provide material items to community members in need. Shopping vouchers are issued through partnering issuing agencies allowing individuals and families to shop for FREE each month. LEARN MORE

Get Involved!

Want to get plugged into Wabi's mission in other ways? We invite you to join our volunteer team to help us maintain one of our largest fundraising operations, our thrift store!

Don't have time? That's ok, you can always give back through a monitary donation to WabiSabi's programming or purchase an extra $1 token at checkout & donate directly to any of our nonprofit partners.

Your gifts of time, money or materials make big impacts in our Moab community. 

#FOLLOW YOUR IMPACT to see how your donations have made a local difference! 

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