Volunteer Job Descriptions



Clothing Sorter

Volunteers help sort through raw materials of soft donations. Items get sorted into hanging bins or recycling bins, depending on the quality of the item. Sorters need to be ok with getting dirty and working in an outdoor or shared environment.


Clothing Hanger

Volunteers hang sorted clothing from bins and then price each article with a set price sticker. Sometimes, this volunteer may be asked to help hang clothing on the floor for sale. Hangers are flexible with tasks and are ok working in a public or outdoor setting.


Linens Processor

Volunteers that process linens, like to work independently or with groups. This is also a great task to do as a work group as it lends itself to many different connecting tasks. Linen processors handle incoming linen donations and process them into keep or recycle bins. They then fold, measure and label each item to make ready for sale. Sometimes, the linen processor may be asked to help stock the floor with these items. 

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Special Projects

Individuals or groups looking to serve in unique ways are able to contribute through special projects based on Wabi's needs and your talents! We have had anything from people with construction skills help us with basic remodeling projects, to church & family groups wanting to bond together over sorting soft donations, to businesses donating special tools or equipment to finish a task. No matter your skill set, we always have plenty of projects that could use your help completing! Reach out to us anytime if you are interested in a special service project. 




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