Who We Are


We are a fun and funky nonprofit organization based out of Moab, Utah. We fundraise for local nonprofits, provide community resources, run nonprofit programming in forms of grants and material donations.



At WabiSabi we value Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle practices. On average we are able to save roughly 60,000lbs of fabrics and 10,000 books each year! On top of being able to recycle items, we are able to give thousands of items new homes each year while raising funds and materials for our local nonprofits. Check out Wabi by the Numbers to #Follow Your Impact.

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Our Mission

WabiSabi's mission is to increase the community impact of local nonprofits by providing MONEY, MATERIALS, and MENTORSHIP.

Our Vision

WabiSabi’s hope is that one day everyone in Moab will use their resources wisely and share their excess with those in need.

WabiSabi means finding the beauty in imperfection. Wabi loves individual uniqueness and encourages everyone to always be themselves. :) 


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